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Blend Door issues? Here are your answers!

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Originally Posted by Husa4342 View Post
I found it listed both ways. Hit me up if ya like, I'll give you a quick run down.
Mike 916-865-8063
Mike, I just tried calling you. I have some questions about installing these actuators. If you can please message me.
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Sounds like you have spent a bit of time in the dash of these things. Any suggestions on how to replace the BCM??
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Default Passenger Temp Control Actuator.

I have a 2003 H2. It has had the usual bugs with the HVAC. Over the years I have replaced the Blower Motor, Blower Motor Control Module, and three of the door actuators. My problem now is, that the passenger side Temp actuator on top of the dash is in the Hot position. It will do a cycle from hot to cold and back to hot when the H2 is started. I have replaced the actuator and still the same action. I have checked and all 4 of the inside temp probes are good. I swapped out the HVAC control module with another one and no changes. I have the shop manuals on the H2 and have read the HVAC trouble guides numerous times. Stumped!! Hate to carry to GM dealer and check with a Tech2 tool. May be only way out. Any thoughts on what might be problem. It's not the actuator.
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Make SURE that you disconnect the ground from the battery for at least 10 minutes - or short the disconnected ground wire to the positive side (discharges all of the caps in the system). When you reconnect the battery, the HVAC will calibrate itself. Calibration only occurs one time - when the battery is disconnected/reconnected. Calibration never occurs under any other circumstances, such as replacing any HVAC component. You absolutely MUST kill the power to the system for it to go into the calibration mode the first time the key is put into ACC position or the H2 is started.
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Great info thanxxxxx
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This is a great thread. I know I'm bringing up an old thread.

Mods could we make this one a sticky, please?

I just read the other one with 10 + pages and was still confused. This one is short and sweet and right on the money.
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Glad the info helped! I sold my H2 last year... after replacing the airbags and other things. It was a fun vehicle while I had it, and since I bought it from Alice Cooper (yes, the rocker) it was a great conversation piece too. I miss it when the weather is bad, and that's it though!
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Hadn't seen this thread until now, I wonder if that's why my recirc never seems to work....
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Angry Hot Air both on passenger and drive side after Radio upgrade

Hello All,

New to H2. Recently bought a 2003 H2 Base. Added Bluetooth it works great but my AC stopped working. Both the driver and passenger side are blowing hot air.

Tried the recommended re-calibration, both by taking off the HVAC fuses from under the hood and from I/P driver side, also tried by unhooking the battery for few mins ...still no luck.

In one of the thread there was a recommendation to turn the ignition on/off 3 times without starting to kick off the re-calibration... still no luck.

Checked the driver side temperature control actuator(the one below the passenger side glove box). During re-calibration process I could see the actuator move... but it does not move when I adjust the temperature control after the calibration cycle.

Tried reading code using OBD port (i have the one that hooks up to Phone vie bluetooth), but no error codes. Not sure if these reads HVAC control module - at least do not see an option in the app... have to do some research on this...

Since the actuator moved during calibration I am stumped and not sure changing the actuator will help.

*Heat on both passenger and driver side
*Reducing the temperature dial to 60 increases the blower and blows hotter than setting the temperature dial to 90
*Could hear the ambient temperature fan above driver side head running. Not sure how to test, if it is doing its job and sending the right feed of temperature.
* Mode selectors does change the air vents through which air blows

Any advise what other diagnosis I could run/do?


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Decided to remove and open the actuator to see if it was defective. Found out one of the wheel (pulley) was broken. Have ordered part from Amazon. Thanks to JimDrew for detailed instructions, it helped a lot in diagnosing the issue.

Now have to figure out how to open and reach the passenger side actuator

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