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07 H2 lost all power to drivers seat

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Default 07 H2 lost all power to drivers seat

HI all,

My 07 H2 lost all power to the drivers seat controls and the heated seats on both front driver and passenger side quit working. The front passenger seat however still moves fine. I am having a heck of a time trying to find electrical diagram or info on the fuses. all the standard fuses in the engine compartment look good. I live in Alaska 6 hrs from the nearest gm or chevy dealer. Any help would be great! My wife can not reach the pedals lol.

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Default Mine too

I have an 06 Hummer H2 and i am having the EXACT same problem as you. Have you found out how to fix it because i live about 5 hours away from the nearest Hummer dealer and im like 5' 3" so its kinda hard to see over the steering wheel to drive.
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there is 2 areas for fuses one is under the hood and the other is on the left side of the dash when the door is open .
if all fuses are good you would have to see if you have power to the seat control modual ,under the drivers seat , it could be a fuse or that the modual went bad .mike
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my 03 went out but funny thing is on my its just the switch on the seat if you hit the memory seat button the seats still moves so I know the motor and track parts are good I haven't looked into it yet
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I have an 06 H2 as well and have the same exact problem as of a week ago. I was trying to save myself the money and find the fuse myself but am having trouble reading the fuse box diagrams for the boxes on the left side of the dash and under the hood. If anyone knows which specific fuse runs the heated seats for the driver and passenger as well as the driver seat control, it would be extremely helpful. Thanks!
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I'm not sure on the H2, but I know on my past cars, there is also a plug running from the floor into the seat that you have to unplug in order to remove the seat. I lost power once and found out that the plug had wiggled itself loose. Just another possibility.
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Thumbs up Read! I fixed it myself at no cost!

I always use forums and thought I should repay the favor.

There is 3 fuse boxes in the Hummer H2. One under the hood, on in the driver side door jam and one in the floor board by your left foot.

First off my problem is the driver seat has no power by the memory buttons or by the manual controls. also no heated seats for any of the seats. I first went to the fuse box in the floor board by the drivers left foot. there is a black hex thing you can screw off with your hand and then pull the plastic cover off. there is 2 aluminum looking fuses in the lower left corners one a 25 and one a 30. I pulled both of these for about 10 seconds and then pushed them back in. after doing so my power seats were working again! (if yours doesn't work I would go buy replacements of the aluminum ones) (when doing this be sure you put them back in exactly the same way you took them out and don't flip them cause they would go in the other way but i don't think they are suppose to be flipped)

My heated seats still were not working so I went back to my fuse box in the driver door jam. in the lower left corner there is one 25 aluminum fuse that you need to pull and hold out for 10 seconds then push right back in. After that my heated seats were working again!

I did pull every fuse from all three boxes including the big black square fuses and nothing worked. I only seen a result once I went back and pulled the aluminum looking ones! Also I didn't find any busted fuses anywhere. If it was me I would look for busted fuses first (the plastic colored ones you can see inside) then do what I did.

My problem started after my battery died at a drive in movie and I had to get jumped. (also don't bother seeing lone ranger with johnny depp, it sucked)
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Do any of your door controls work, ie Mirror, Heat, Windows, on all doors....does you Driver 1 - 2 presets work.
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Originally Posted by Chad_Arild View Post
Do any of your door controls work, ie Mirror, Heat, Windows, on all doors....does you Driver 1 - 2 presets work.
My truck is fixed now but i'll kind of describe what mine was doing again. I had no heated seats (never checked the back but i know the front ones were not working and the lights wouldn't light up when pressed). the passenger seat controls worked fine. the power mirrors would move if i hit the memory buttons on the door but the driver seat would not adjust like it was suppose to from my wife's settings to mine. (again presets would only move the mirror angles). I think the manual buttons worked but I honestly cant remember using them. I know the window controls were working for sure on all doors and the lock buttons on all doors.

Again the only things I know for sure were not working were the driver seat controls by manual buttons or preset on the door. Also wouldn't adjust when the key was placed in the ignition. no front heated seats for driver or passenger (didn't test back seats). Hope this helps!

If your having more problems I would definitely check all the colored fuses first like the red, blue, green, yellow and so on. normally that is your problem in a vehicle.
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Default For clarification of fuse location.

Ok I to am having the same issue with the heated seats and driver seat not working and from what I gather from these posts as I have found also the location of the correct fuse is elusive at best but these silver fuses are these the fuses we are all looking to replace which controls the heated seats and driver seat?

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