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By: mcioci
Today 10:20 AM

I have a few interior parts for sale. Center Console lid from a 2003 but will fit in years 03-07. Asking $180 plus $20 to ship in U.S. I own a 2005 hummer and put one of the 03 console lids in my...
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Today 10:19 AM

https://cimg6.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.hummerforums.com-vbulletin/2000x1504/6385eb4a_198e_432b_9 458_763a61d314c9_2ff f670cfd31b0d0ca1a73f eb15c049fdfb6a700.jp eg...
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Today 10:08 AM

https://cimg1.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.hummerforums.com-vbulletin/2000x1504/70c29988_d406_419d_b 11e_5ab6954e3de4_000 45095884d7e6755aff83 4ae1a1ba803354630.jp eg
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Today 10:00 AM

from what i understand the motor that moves the mirror glass is stock GM motor used in GM truck mirrors so could be found in tahoe"s/ denali"s/ suburban's and such but that might be for this style...
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Today 09:32 AM

I tried everything as you did, the bolts to the frame don't come out and the retaining stud was so long it prevented the canister ear from clearing it to slide it down to get the retaining tabs out...
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Today 09:14 AM

I would stay with stock rims personally, but if I were to go aftermarket 17" would be the most I would go.
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Today 09:12 AM

Can this same method be used for moving Gargoyles??? Nice work. :D
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Today 07:59 AM

They Look like ''SLEEPY-TIRED EYES'''... HAHAHAH
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Today 06:51 AM

Welcome.... Could be a number of things. A couple of more..... the 2003 does have an external fuel filter by the frame next to the fuel tank. A clogged fuel filter can cause fuel starvation...
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Yesterday 09:02 PM

Hummerz, the brakes do seem to be too soft. With new brakes, they should be tight. Thanks
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Yesterday 07:35 PM

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Yesterday 07:34 PM

Looking good Doc. Weird coincidence, I just sold my last set of the frame horn reinforcements today.
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Yesterday 05:58 PM

I just read your post again, when did you replace the torque converter?
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Yesterday 04:37 PM

Yes ill Check that diagram and also check other shops
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