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Rental Mustang overview

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Default Rental Mustang overview

Since someone was kind enough to give my Corolla a Jetta enema (I got rear ended), and thier insurance was kind enough to give me a rental, I went ahead and got the Mustang they had sitting there to see why a vast number of Hummer owners have one as thier other car. It is a nice car, but I see why it is the "other" car. With 20K on the odo, the thing has more squeaks and rattles from all of the plastic than an old house with a fat guy walking around with a lot of change in his pockets. The road and exhaust noise is so loud I could swear my hard top was a rag top, and it sounds like the brakes are dragging. The parking brake is awkward to set, and the back seat is just for looks, unless your legs are about 2 inches in diameter. I don't think it would work well for a child seat, even though it has built in anchors for them. As Shortbus pointed out a while ago when he was given one as a rental, the visibility out of the right rear is minimal, but barely adaquate.
On the plus side, I do like the retro style gauges, and I am getting slightly better than 20 MPG with the V6, with a driving style that includes lighting them up at just about every corner, and WOT throttle takeoffs at any other time. It is also a very comfortable car. Prior to my current Corolla, and after my last one, I breifly owned an '06 Charger. Both vehicles are similarly equiped, but the Mustang feels better. It also doesn't feel like a ***** extention as much as the Charger did.
I think if I were in the need for another car/toy I would happily buy one, although I would get a V8 powered one and put an exahust system on it so I would have an excuse to have such a loud car. Some nice glasspacks would sound bitchin on that thing.
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Default RE: Rental Mustang overview

Remember you got a rental. It's had the **** ran out of it for every mile that's on it. If you drop around a ford dealer and test drive the GT, you'll be hooked. You would be a welcome member of the family.
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Default RE: Rental Mustang overview

Yeah, I realise everyone before me has driven it like I drive it, and that is why I can, for the most part, overlook the discrepencies I found with it. Some things though, are just the way the car was designed. Ford didn't put too much thought into making thier plasic dash not seem so plastic and cheap. I mean, my Corollla has just as much plastic, but it is styled in such a way that you don't realise you are looking at plastic unless you think about it.
I dont know much about them, but the GT is what I was thinking. A GT500 or a Saleen is waht I would go for if I had money spare on such toys.
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Default RE: Rental Mustang overview

I think they went back to that retro style on the dash. I've only been in a new one once, and it was a gt.

Your right about the GT500 or Saleen. But to find a a Shelby that is not doubled up in price would be hard. Saleen makes a good rocketship at a reasonable price.

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Default RE: Rental Mustang overview

You know, I did go to a dealer to test drive one and I WASN'T hooked.

I've owned three Mustangs (65 fastback 289, 90 GT, 95 Cobra) and was thinking of trading my Cadillac CTS in on a new GT as my kids are in forward facing seats now and I don't absolutely have to own a 4 door.

I guess I'm getting old because instead of feeling thrilled to be behind the wheel of a sporty V8 again I was underwhelmed by the performance (there's NO WAY the car is really 300hp IMO), irritated by the exhaust note, disappointed by the handling, and found it crazy that my 4 year old daughter didn't have enough legroom in the back when I had the driver's seat in a comfortable position.

I drove my CTS to the dealership and traded it in on another CTS ('07))...and I swear it feels quicker (even though it's only rated at 255hp) and most definitely handles better, has a better exhaust note, and feels more solid than the GT.

I really wanted to like the Mustang GT but I just couldn't. The current body design leaves me really lukewarm if it was like the Italia designed showcar they just had at the LA show I might have given it another chance:
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Default RE: Rental Mustang overview

Take out Blackstangs for a ride you will not be disappointed and you can take mine out too.
But wear a diaper





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Default RE: Rental Mustang overview


I'm sure your Mustangs are awesome! Like I said, I've owned three...I'm just underwhelmed with the new GT (tried to like it but couldn't) and think after years of being a hardcore Ford fan I've officially jumped ship. If I get another muscle car it'll likely be the new Camaro when it comes out (never thought I'd hear myself saying that).
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old azzed thread alert!!!
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Originally Posted by choochmalooch View Post
old azzed thread alert!!!
OOOOOOoooooo, Noah Oscar is going to get SPANKED!
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