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What to like abouot your H3 and what do not like?

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Default What to like abouot your H3 and what do not like?

OK, I do not own an H3 but my wife is really wanting a Red one. So what is it about your H3 that you really like and what are some of the things to watch out for.I have read some things about problems with the head. I know we will be purchasing one within the next few weeks and your comments and advice will be appreciated.
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Default RE: What to like abouot your H3 and what do not like?

Welcome to our forum first off!

- Secondly, I will say for me, it is one of the only SUV's I have driven that handles like a car but has the durability of a tank.

-The head and valve issue does not affect the newer models since they have a different, larger engine.

-The road noise is very minimul.

-The stock sound system, even the basic standard one I have, sounds awsome.

-If you have Verizon as your cell provider, you can link your H3 On-Star cell phone to your Verizon account as an extra line for $9.99 a month, and pool your minutes from your Verizon plan.

-You can pretty much run over any pothole, bump, rock, dead corpse, etc, and not worry about doing any damage. I have 27K miles on mine, and my alignment to this day is perfect. Even the dealer said it was fine after I told them to check it.

-The 2007 models come with the larger 3.7L engine, which is definitely faster then the 3.5L previously installed on the 2006 models.

-You have an unlimited knowledge databse right here you can tap into anytime.

-They are like, really cool, like so cool, like yeah cool.

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Default RE: What to like abouot your H3 and what do not like?

i have had a 06 andnow havea 07... loved them both
the 07 has more powerforsure....
the onlydislike ican think of right now is the seat adjustments on the leather power seats ,its very tight between the seat and door and hard to shove ur hand/arm down to the adjustment switches
the wife just said she has no problem gettin her hand down to it.... smaller hands i reckon

otherthan that i cant thinkofanything else i didnt like
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Default RE: What to like abouot your H3 and what do not like?

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Default RE: What to like abouot your H3 and what do not like?

My wife got one and she thinks it’s the cats meow... I've been on an anti-GM kick after having a lot of problems with my current truck and her last two GM vehicles but it’s made me a believer.

The good: Seems burly, drives nice, decent gas mileage for an all time all wheel drive SUV, fit and finish seem real well, free OnStar for a year is cool. It has some REALLY COOL options available, like electronic locking rear diff for example. Looks great, really good crash test results, stabilitrac comes standard (important if you have kids). Comfy seats and nice interior. Not that you would probably do it but I guess they can accommodate 35" tires with some tweaks to the torsion bars and 37" it you do a 3" lift. Capable off roader. Cool driving schools and hummer owner events.

The bad: It's a rolling blind spot, cars are easy to lose if their in the rear passenger side corner. Using your mirrors is a must more in this car then any other I've driven.The trans tunnel is really wide and for me as the passenger it’s uncomfortable for long trips, my wives thinner legs are not affected. It's an SUV and rides like one (not that I care since it’s 10 times better the my 2500HD). People say it’s gutless but if you want to go fast buy a sports car. The steering wheel could tilt a little higher.

Overall, if I didn't need a truck bed to haul my motocross and mountain bikes around I wouldbuy one of these is a split second.
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Default RE: What to like abouot your H3 and what do not like?

There are a few problem areas that will need to be addressed by GM.

The front and rear diffs are not the strongest..seems the pinion gear fails either due to soft materials or mis-alighnment...not common but does happen.

If you wait till middle of 07 there will be changes made to the interior that include relocation of the door switches (PITA where they are now) and a few other minor interior adjustments.

Don't know if all 07's have them or not but I know the mid 07's will also have child safety door locks (if that is important to you)

Honestly, if I didn't go off-road I would never buy another one or recommend one to a pavement pounder...for the money you can get alot nicer with more power and luxery....but if you want something that will take you anywhere you want to go on or off road then the h3 is a smart choice.
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Default RE: What to like abouot your H3 and what do not like?


- The power window buttons are placed too far back.
- I would have preferred a fold down tailgate instead of the door.
- A telescoping wheel would also have been nice. When I'mforward enough to comfortably reachthe wheel, the pedals are a bit close.
- The near vertical windshield is susceptibleto stone damage.
- Paint has a lot of orange peel
- Milage isn't great

A lot more positives than negatives, though. Just a few...

- Rides well
- Handles well
- Feels refined
-Decent quality materials/fabrics
- Finished well
- The big sunroof is cool.
- The Hummer looks (not a cookie cutter SUV)

There's a lot to like.

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Default RE: What to like abouot your H3 and what do not like?

I knew what I was getting when I bought I have NO complaints!
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Default RE: What to like abouot your H3 and what do not like?

First off let me say I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mine! What wz said about the blind spot!! OK, so install a back up camera or sensor or use the LawWyfe sensor and just really survey your surroundings wellbefore u get into it and back out, use ALL those mirrors and since "I am an excellent driver"I turn my head aroundand look as an extra measure when changing lanes. MAYBE a little more power, but mine has plenty (I often have to rein her in because I findmyself going too fast) and I figure a lack of a V8 or higher keeps me from getting tickets!

My biggest pet light in the glove box and no light on the mirrors..(OK so I am a girly girl!) I already own a luxury car, so I know what it is like to have all the extras...I can say I dont miss them on the H3 which I might add I do drive daily as my primary ride. I bought it because I wanted a rugged (and cool and unigue) vehicle.
All in all, I'd sayDUUUUU ITTTTTTTTTTTTT![sm=gears.gif]
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Default RE: What to like abouot your H3 and what do not like?

I don't like the dome light being off when I go out to unload groceries for my wife, out of the cargo area.

Does it not have a switch? Granted it's my wifes ride, so I don't deal with it day in and day out. But we live out in the sticks, and at night it's DARK out here. I would expect to havea cargo light when the rear door is opened, but I get nothing. So, I end up having to open a side door so the light will come on. [&:]

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