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H3 Winshield Water Leak?

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Default H3 Winshield Water Leak?

So, I have an '07 H3 that leaks into the driver's side floorboard whenever it's in the rain. The water drips down right behind the hood latch release and parking brake pedal. I've had the sunroof drains leak before, but I know that this is not where the water is coming from as they are draining fine. My question is, is it possible for water to be coming in from the windshield, or the corner of the driver's side windshield reveal molding? (The black piece on the outside of the A pillar). Here are a few more tidbits of info. regarding my issue:

1. My driver's side windshield reveal molding is warped at the top, and it no longer clips on to the trim on the roof leaving a small gap. Could water make it's way into the cabin at this spot?

2. I've reached my hand up under the dash when a leak is occuring just to make sure the drain tube is connected. The drain tube will be fine, but the padding around it will be soaked.

3. After a hard rain, the top weatherstrip on my driver door lets water in. When I open my door, I notice rain water running out of the plastic trim that surrounds the door frame where the weatherstrip meets it. Although it's in close proximity to the leak behind the hood release/e-brake, I think this is an unrelated issue because I don't see how water could get around and behind the dash from there.

I guess my next step is to pull off the reveal molding and shut the doors with the AC running and pour some really soapy water or foam along that side of the windshield and hope I see some action. If anyone has had an issue with a leak in the same spot that's unrelated to the sunroof drains I'd love to hear how you located and stopped it!
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this is not for you,because you are positive its not the sunroof, but anyone who suspects a sunroof leak.
I just mixed up some very red juice for my hummingbird feeder and I figure it would be a great way to be sure. just pour a little in the sunroof front corners and see where it comes out.
yes ii said hummingbird,not hummerbird.
this is not for testing for windshield leaks,

(but could be)
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Dude, really? Not trying to be an *******, but I did not intend in any way to start another conversation about sunroof leaks. You can find info on that in numerous threads on this site and all over the web. I think your reply would be better suited for one of those threads. And just FYI, you can just pour water in your sunroof drain to test it. If it doesn't come out in your wheel well, then it's leaking somewhere.

If anyone else has a suggestion about my particular leak, please let me know.

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I think the H3's windshield is glued in place so it's not a molding problem. That trim is for styling only. You will know for certain when you have the trim removed. If the windshield glue bond if failing, it's best to have a glass shop do the repair.

Door seal replacement is an easy diy project if you find yours worn or torn.
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im bettin its not the glass leaking.
the way you check that is remove the nozzle from a hose and lay it on the roof so it covers the area you suspect and let it run while you enter the passenger side and monitor activities.
btw I watched a glass shop replace a windshield and if the factory is just 1/2 as good with their thick bead of fantastically sticky adhesive. it cannot leak unless they did a crap job to start with and yeah,the trim has nothing to do with sealing. since the glue is the only thing holding the glass on the car,it must be very,very good. they cant take a chance of loosing it so its overkill.

the glass shop guy paniced when I touched some leftover glu and used some special cleaner on it. it still showed on my finger a week later.
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