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Old 01-07-2016, 09:48 AM
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Oh trust me I learned my lesson on the Clevor. I had just turned 21 and started hanging at a local speed shop.The guy that owned the place took a liking to me and offered to apprentice me.I started working there and all I heard about was Cleveland this Cleveland that. So that's where I went. Had well over 10k in the motor and swap kit and another 4k in the transmission. Then a few thousand more of parts breaking over the year I worked there. I finally got everything right and got 2 solid years out of it at the track and on the street before I just lost interest and priorities changed.

I had bigger this biggest that crammed in my mind so much I believed it. When I realized I'd been happier with a fox body,5.0, and a supercharger that I could ride around in all day long with A/C. Later I picked up a used 94GT and supercharged it. More of what I was looking for.

Anyway the thought has crossed my mind to pick up another Mustang 93 or older but the kids on E-bay think they are worth 18k. The ones around me locally are ragged out. Never had a frame connector installed so the floorboards are split and the torque boxes have had it. I've been Kinda leaning toward a 93-98 Mark 8 and swapping a coyote 5.0 into it but
my oldest is going to College in New York next year so I'll be getting the 2011 GT back. Who knows what I'll do? For now if I feel the need for speed I have a Suzuki M109R and it runs 11.8 in the 1/4 and gets 40mpgs.
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Old 07-29-2016, 12:30 PM
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i used to have a boosted 04 silverado ss ran 11.82 with a D1SC stock heads, stock bottom end 6.0 full weight 5890lbs on 20' street rims. i actually sold the truck last summer after 8 years of pumping money into it. the truck had probably 200 passes on it over the years i mainly ran it down at atco or island. e-town when i just wanted to do a shake down or something incase it broke. im working on my 3rd 4th gen fbody now. stock clutch is fried once i replace it im gonna do some base line runs with it. i plan on keeping it all motor stock bottom end ls1 HCI with something 600+ lift. havent really looked into what cam or heads im gonna throw on it yet waiting to save some money lollllllll. we all know thats impossible with this hobby
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Old 08-13-2017, 03:44 AM
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Drag racing is one concept of driving that I haven't had the pleasure of experiencing but the time will come! looking good guys
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