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GM H4 Engineers - This thread is for YOU with our suggestions/feedback

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Default GM H4 Engineers - This thread is for YOU with our suggestions/feedback

I think by now we can all assume as large as this forum is becoming as well as it's growing popularity, that GM and/or Hummer designers are looking at what people have to say. Therefore, I wanted to start a thread where we could all give our personal feedback and suggestions on this. I'm also going to PM Patrick and suggest he start a H4 section.

That being said, I will be the first to give my $.02.

First off (and we don't have to tell you this), if your company releases anything that is not at least equal to the H3 in durability and off-road capability, your reputation willmost-likely suffer. Whether it be a large or small amount obviously would remain to be seen.

Secondly, most people I have talked to in my life have hadthese main comments and feelings towards it (also, most of the forum members here);

-A H4? They are going the ruin the Hummer name.

-They are going to kill it (meaning you will turn the H4 into a stereotyped wanna-be off-road vehicle)

-How much smaller can they possibly make it?

-That thing won't be able to go off-roading. It's probably going to be a family car.

I have talked to alot of my friends and family and I think most people agree that you have some BIG shoes to fill with this SMALLER Hummer.

It's ALREADY being assumed that:

A) It will be smaller

B) It will not be very off-road capable because of the assumed smaller size

C) It will be a copy of the Wrangler, kind of like the FJ Cruiser is assumed to be a Hummerwanna-be vehicle.

If you want my advice:

1. PLEASE do not slap the Hummer name on a new vehicle that isn't going to be as durable or ruggid as it's predecessors. So far, you have done a pretty good job.

2. IF the H4 is indeed going to be smaller, don't make it look like a car with a Hummer grill and big tires. Nobody wants another 80's AMC Eagle Wagon. That's what we have Subaru for

3. Don't make it more expensive then the H3. Why would anybody want to buy less car for more money?

4. Don't release another under-powered first-run vehicle in the Hummer line. We already had enough with the '06 H3 and it's 3.5 L engine. At least stick the 3.7L in it.

5. Give usa wide variety offactory options and add-ons right from the vehicle's launch, ie roof racks, brush guards, etc. Take some lessons from Scion. You have a huge market of custom-modders in the H2 and H3 community. Take advantage of it to promote your new vehicle from the start.

6. IF you offer a hybrid, PLEASE make sure it can handle going through a river of mud without shorting out before you put it on the lot

If I think of anything else, I'll add it in here.

I would like to see what everybody else on the forum has to say. This should get their attention. After all, we'll probably be the first ones to consider buying one. I know I'm already telling my wife I want one as our second vehicle, assuming it's attractive.
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